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From Below Podcast

Jan 9, 2020

UPDATE 2: The initial version we released accidentally left out certain portions of audio and our updated episode had a new but small issue. Our editing team had some extra challenges working on this long episode with three different interviewees - thanks for your patience and we've corrected all the issues. Enjoy!

In the second of our two part series we return with guests Mark, Miranda and Tanya to discuss the April 2018 rebellion in Nicaragua. In this episode we go into more depth on the movement itself and respond to various narratives on the left on Sandinista leader and Nicaraguan president Daniel Ortega.    

Mark is from the primarily indigenous and Black Atlantic/Caribbean coast region of Nicaragua and has deep family ties to the Sandinista movement. Miranda lives back and forth between the US and Nicaragua and was a student in Managua during the rebellion and authored several pieces about his direct participation. Tanya is a Los Angeles based artist, photographer, and member of Black Rose/Rosa Negra, who comes from a Sandinista family. 

Listen for update at the end of the episode where we mention our upcoming content for 2020. The From Below Podcast collective would like to thank our listeners and everyone who supported our show as we launched in 2019. 

 Links and resources:

Between Rum and Bullets podcast with Mark and Miranda

NEW: Nicaragua Encachimbada: A Popular Uprising by Cristina Awadalla

NEW: One Year Later: Reflections on the Nicaraguan Uprising by Tanya HF and Mark A.

Recent events:

Siege of Nicaragua’s Catholic Cathedral Eases as Hunger Strikers Leave - Nov 19, 2019

Recommend background articles:

One Million Hands Flourishing: Nicaragua and the Neverending Task of Planting by Tanya H.F.

It’s No Longer About Social Security: Inside the Nicaraguan Student Protests by Miranda

Capitalist Development in Nicaragua and the Mirage of the Left by William I. Robinson

Women in the Revolution: The Forgotten History of Las Sandinistas by La Virgen

The Sandinista Labor Paradox by Jonah Walters, NACLA


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